You are looking at “The Rose Garden Blog”.  Look around and enjoy.  The picture below is of a sunrise.  It’s the start of a new day.  For us, this blog is the start of something new.



Before this WordPress blog, there was a blog of the same name running on Apple software in the early years of the 21st Century.  Before THAT, there was a computer bulletin board system (BBS) of the same name in the late 20th Century, using “ancient” technologies such as modems to connect to other computers also running bulletin boards.  We had world-wide emails before there was an Internet.  Those were the days.

The Rose Garden aims to be a calm place.  Think of roses and their scents in a garden. Their bright colors like the rainbow.  A light wind caressing the faces of visitors, wafting the familiar rose scent to all.  What was the original Garden of Eden like?  It was without sin, and its beauty must have been far beyond that of any rose garden.

Today, our world is full of sin and decay.  Roses do not last forever and require constant maintenance.  People work hard to make today’s gardens a new Eden, but always fall short. Only with faith in Jesus as our personal savior are we given peace in our heart, having been made clean in the eyes of God.  As Christians we aim to become like Jesus, loving people as only He could.  We pray for peace and for people to come and know Jesus.  Let this garden be a place to refresh the soul.