I use a variety of Bible translations on my blog.  Some, like ASV, DARBY, KJV and WEB are public domain.  Other translations have copyrights such as ESV, LEB and NET, which permit limited rights for non-profit use.

I applied for and received permission from Bible League International to use their ERV translation.  The full name for this translation is “Holy Bible:  Easy-To-Read Version”.  Otherwise known as ERV, this translation was originally published as “English Version for the Deaf” or EVD.  It was translated for those whose first language is sign language, and not English.  The ERV continues this great Bible resource for the Deaf Community. The Deaf community is in their debt for having a clear and easy to understand English translation.

However you get or receive your Bible translation, please remember to financially support those who provide it to you. Bible translators are highly educated and trained professionals serving God. Translators make it possible to have God’s Word in your language.

Today there are many otherwise free internet online applications for reading various Bible translations. Print publishers and Internet providers both incur costs, some of which go to paying Bible translators. So please remember to help them earn a living. Also for Bible publishers and providers to stay in the business of providing God’s Word to all of us.  Donate to or pay for those resources you use.  Thank you!

I am truly thankful for the generosity of Bible League International to permit me to use ERV in my blog.  Below is their standard permissions rights below.  God Bless.

For more information about Bible League International, please visit their website at: