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Happy Fathers Day

Today, June 18, is Father’s Day, a day to remember and celebrate our fathers. Some of our fathers are living. Wonderful! What a blessing. For some of us, our fathers have passed on, but our fathers live on in our hearts. They will always be a part of us and in our memories.

My Dad was always helpful with car maintenance. He helped me to have my car running all right and in good order. However he wanted ME to know how to do some things on cars, like change a flat tire, changing oil, and once, he even had me rotate the tires on my car! Yes! all four tires!! Even if I did take my car to a garage, he thought that I should know how to do some things, just in case.

I remember one year for a Christmas present, he gave me a set of jumper cables. (Go on—You can smile or laugh!) He thought it was a practical present as at the time the car that I had, wouldn’t start some times so the jumper cables would help. When I was at work, sometimes, some of my coworkers had trouble starting their cars. So they would ask if anyone had jumper cables. I do! So I was thankful for my daddy for those jumper cables. They not only helped me but other people as well.

1 Peter 5:7 “casting all your care on him, because he cares about you.”  (LEB)  God knows our needs even before we ask.