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Happy Father’s Day 2020 (“My Debbie”)

Many years ago my family had a farm in Western Pennsylvania. We had many animals like cattle, sheep, and pigs. When my Grandmother lived on the farm, we also had chickens.  I enjoyed picking eggs every day. 

One day my Dad bought some horses and ponies! Wow! A new adventure!  Also, a cousin give us her female horse. She asked Dad if we want her. Sure! We find out later that “Nellie” is pregnant. Surprise! We pick up Nellie in April and her foal (baby) was born in May.  We wait and watch Nellie give birth! A little filly (girl).  We named her “Debbie.” I enjoyed watching her grow up from filly to mare. 

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Fathers Day 2019

Ephesians 6:2 “Honor thy Father and Mother, which is the first Commandment with promise.” (KJV)

When I moved to Mechanicsburg, my Dad liked that I was close to Harrisburg. He could go to the Farm Show sometimes. My parents would come out for a visit. My Dad would go to the Farm Show while my Mom would stay at my home. I would take some time off to visit with my Mom. This was when I was single, but also after my husband and I were married. It worked out well that we could visit.

Father’s Day 2018

Ecclesiastes 3:4 “There is a time to cry, and a time to laugh. There is a time to be sad, and a time to dance from joy.” (EVD)

June has a special day to remember Fathers; June 17, 2018 is Father’s Day. A day to honor and celebrate and remember our fathers. Some of you are fathers. Great! Some of your fathers are still living. Wonderful! What a blessing! Some fathers may have passed away, but they still live in our hearts and memories. They will always be a part of us.

My father enjoyed listening to music. He liked the Lawrence Welk TV show! He listened to polka music on the radio. That was HIS music, and it made him happy. At family weddings, he enjoyed dancing to the polka music. If I was nearby, he would take me as his partner and off we would go! He liked spinning around so fast at times, I almost felt dizzy. I would hold on and when I might start feeling dizzy, he would guide our dance straight so I could get my bearings, before spinning about again. He enjoyed dancing the polka.

I remember one wedding my father and I attended. My mother was not feeling well so she stayed home. Dad and I planned to go to the wedding and reception but not stay long. We were ready to leave, but the music started to play a polka! My Dad wanted to dance! With a twinkle in his eye he grabbed me and away we were dancing. When it came to the polka dance, it was like Dad gotta dance!

It’s always been a favorite memory of mine, dancing the polka with my Dad. I pray you all have fond memories of your Dad as well.

Happy Fathers Day

Today, June 18, is Father’s Day, a day to remember and celebrate our fathers. Some of our fathers are living. Wonderful! What a blessing. For some of us, our fathers have passed on, but our fathers live on in our hearts. They will always be a part of us and in our memories.

My Dad was always helpful with car maintenance. He helped me to have my car running all right and in good order. However he wanted ME to know how to do some things on cars, like change a flat tire, changing oil, and once, he even had me rotate the tires on my car! Yes! all four tires!! Even if I did take my car to a garage, he thought that I should know how to do some things, just in case.

I remember one year for a Christmas present, he gave me a set of jumper cables. (Go on—You can smile or laugh!) He thought it was a practical present as at the time the car that I had, wouldn’t start some times so the jumper cables would help. When I was at work, sometimes, some of my coworkers had trouble starting their cars. So they would ask if anyone had jumper cables. I do! So I was thankful for my daddy for those jumper cables. They not only helped me but other people as well.

1 Peter 5:7 “casting all your care on him, because he cares about you.”  (LEB)  God knows our needs even before we ask.