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In short, hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. Usually of the hands, underarms and other areas of the body. The keyword is excessive. If there is no underlying medical issues, it is generally considered to be hereditary or genetic condition. I have hyperhidrosis of the head. Long before I start sweating elsewhere, I will sweat from my head. My mother had this condition. It is not life threatening, but it is embarrassing and very inconvenient. For this reason I do not wear hats or cover my head. Only during cold, Winter weather will I cover my head. If I’m working hard like shoveling snow, I do not want to cover my head or else I start sweating “like a pig”. Continue reading

Why Me?

I was born Deaf, but became deaf through a marvel of technology:  the hearing-aid. What’s the difference between Deaf and deaf? Heart language and culture. There is a range in the severity of deafness. Mine was severe enough so I could not hear well enough to use a spoken language. Fortunately, hearing aids became available to me when I was in second grade. They were very large and expensive. With the hearing aid I could learn to speak English with the help of a Speach Therapist. My therapist also taught me how to read lips. English became my heart language, not ASL. So I was able to make my way through public schools. I barely made it to college, but then almost flunked out in my first term. By changing to a different major and minor, I had more teachers who spoke English without an accent. That made all the difference for me. I struggled all the way to graduation. Continue reading