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Everything You Type

I can remember having a manual typewriter like the one pictured here below. It was great to have a portable model. I took it to college and typed many term papers using this old technology. It had a stiff “keyboard” and my fingers would ache after a short while from “punching” the keys down TypeAllYouDoso it would strike the ribbon and paper hard enough to leave an inked impression on the paper. If I made a mistake, I had to correct it very carefully. You either had a bottle of white, correction fluid, or a ribbon with one half inked and the other half with correction powder. By shifting a special key, you could type a “correction” on top of the erroneous letter followed by retyping in the same spot with the correct letter. Or, you could dab some correction fluid on the offending letter, let it dry and then type the correct letter over it. Either way it was messy, not always perfect and slow. Continue reading

Coffee Anyone?

My wife and I love eating out for breakfast.  It’s a bad habit that shows up on our waistlines.  In one favorite restaurant, I see a sign about coffee and happiness.  I love coffee, but it doesn’t give me lasting happiness.  Not even pretty close.  Buying a cup of java and drinking it helps to wake me up.  Sure. Be more alert.  Yep. There is even medical research which says drinking coffee helps the body’s defense against cancer. Continue reading