You Have Cancer

Psalm 16:8 “I always remember that the Lord is with me. He is here, close by my side, so nothing can defeat me.”  (ERV)

“You have cancer.” On August 30, 2018 I read those words on my doctor’s lips. It is cancer of Bone Marrow or Multiple Myeloma. Those words are hard to hear and accept. A friend of mine asked me:  “How did you find out?  Any symptoms? How did this happen?”

I had Anemia most of my life. Over the years, whenever I went to my family doctor for a six-month check-up, blood tests and lab tests were done.  These were checked by my doctor.  My doctor may then say to add some vitamins to help, or take another supplement. But when I went to my doctor in July, 2018, my doctor noticed I had a low blood cell count.  She was concerned about that so she wanted me to see a Specialist. a Hematologist is one who studies blood and bone marrow.  I started going to my Specialist in early August.  More blood tests! One time 11 vials were taken! Also a Bone Marrow Biopsy. That hurts! On August 30, blood tests and bone marrow biopsy results came in.  I was told that I have cancer of Bone Marrow or Myeloma. What’s that?  It affects the plasma cells of bone marrow. It can be anywhere in my body where my bones are! 

My Specialist set up a treatment plan for me.  It won’t be Chemo by infusion, but I do have to get a strong drug, that is injected into my body.  Usually in my stomach, and it is injected slowly.  I go two times a week, Tuesdays and Fridays.  Go for two weeks, and then I’m off one week.  At the end of two weeks, I talk to the doctor, so that it may be adjusted as I go along.  In addition to the Injections, I also take some pills to go along with the shots. The goal is for me to get into remission with this treatment. This means to make my cancer inactive. Why? Because there is no cure for this kind of cancer. I will always have it. 

This was my Doctor’s plan for treatment. But in my mind, I’m still hearing the words, you have cancer!  That is hard to accept.

So far I’ve gone through the first two weeks of treatment. And take all the pills too. Going to the Room where I get the ”shots” is humbling and mind boggling.  I’ve gone to two offices; one office has room for about 10 patients, and the other office has room for about 20 patients.  All these people have cancer, of one kind or another,  They are either getting blood tests, infusion, chemo or shots, like me. More people to pray for! My treatments have side effects. One side effect is to make me feel tired all the time.

Psalm 62:1 “I must calm down and turn to God, only He can rescue me.” (ERV)

When I go for my “shots” I’m a little nervous! I realize some friends, as well as my brother, and my husband, and cousin have gone through cancer treatments.  So I now understand more what they have gone through.

I am very thankful for you, my friends and my family who are praying for me, and my  husband for his wonderful support. I’m learning to trust God more, no matter what happens.  So thank you so much for your prayers.

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