Moments With Mom

While growing up, I always have pets. Usually cats and dogs. I sometime took care of baby lambs and pigs. But, I do love my kitty cats! My Mother was ok with pets but only if outside or in basement. When cold outside, I bring them inside. I got a litter box for our cats so they stay inside more. If I take care of them, my Mom was happy.

One cat name is “Peaches”. She like come inside but she also go outside. Our home is next to a field so she play in the field. My Mother and I sit outside on the porch and talk during early evening, and watch Peaches play.

One evening we see Peaches catch a mouse! She bring it over to the yard. Maybe to eat? But No! Peaches bring mouse to porch where we sit. When we see Peaches come, we smile and laugh. I tell Mom, “She bring mouse to me?” Yes! Peaches drop mouse at my feet! [When a cat bring you a “present”, it is a Big Deal!]

One small problem. The mouse is not dead. So then Peaches pounce on mouse before it escape. So now it was real dead! My Mother and I smile and laugh about her “present”. But what do I do with dead mouse?

I pet Peaches to thank her for her “present,” Peaches walk away to another part of the porch. Happy with herself, I guess. But, now I can put mouse in garbage.

It is a funny moment Mom and I share together. Life is made up of many moments, sharing them with our family and friends. All make good memories. Some memories are silly and some are serious, but all are good times. These moments we remember and have comfort from them.

Isaiah 66:13a “I will comfort you like a mother comforting her child.” (ERV)

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