Fathers Day 2019

So what’s the Farm Show all about? It is a huge Farm Show held indoors! It’s like a State Fair, but it’s the Pennsylvania Farm Show. It covers about 24 acres. It has three buildings, and three arenas. It has a lot of exhibits, farm animals and a food court that showcases Pennsylvania food. Oh. I should mention it is held in January! It is held no matter what the weather was at that time. SNOW, ICE, WIND. It was held whatever happens that year in January. It is a lot of walking, but since it is indoors, you don’t have to think about the weather, that it, until it is time to go home.

After my Mother died, I did ask my Dad if he wanted to come to the Farm Show the next January. This was in December when we made plans. I also told him that I would go with him for the day. He was kind of surprised that I was planning to go with him. I wasn’t sure how that would go but I was sure it would work out all right. When I would visit my parents, I would usually talk more with my Mom than my Dad. My Dad and I would talk some, but it wasn’t the same as my Mom and me.

So then the BIG day came for the Farm Show! We enjoyed walking around together. We got to see the animals. When we had a farm, we had Black Angus Cattle, Cheviot Sheep and Yorkshire Pigs. So we had to find those for sure. We did find the cows and sheep, but not the pigs. We did find out that the pigs get judged early and leave so there’s more room for other animals. There are also goats, and chickens, and horses too.

There were Exhibits showing New Farm Machinery. My Goodness! tractors sure changed. They are big. But give me (and Dad) a FARMALL H tractor and we’re happy!

Dad and I talked a lot and we shared a lot of memories. We also made new memories. Dad told me that it was a good day. And I agreed.

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