Seahorse Key Lighthouse

We were able to get the boat from the Marina at Cedar Key.  It was a very relaxing boat ride for thirty minutes.  In no time at all, we were at Seahorse Key Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is a National WildLife Refuge. University of Florida uses it as a Marine Lab to learn about the sea life and how the Gulf can help us.  It is only open to the public about three times of the year. 

When we arrived at the dock, we saw that the University of Florida had some exhibits to look at. Of course the big attraction is the lighthouse. There is an uphill climb to the lighthouse but it was good to explore the lighthouse.  

We were ready to return to the Marina at Cedar Key, another 30 minute boat ride. We had to wait in line for next boat. It was cloudy, but looked ok.  We started out and the storm blew in!  Lots of rain and wind!  The wind even blew off part of the canopy. Passengers held down the canvas canopy so it wouldn’t blow off completely.  No one got hurt.  But it was sure pouring rain. We got soaked!  The captain decided to return to Seahorse Key and wait out the storm. Whew. 

So we were soaked, but at least we had some shelter. The kids enjoyed it!  They went barefoot and would run through the rain puddles. What Fun!  The adults were waiting for our return ride. We had to wait over an hour, almost two hours for the storm to slow down. As it was, it was still raining on the return ride but not as bad. So we were Soaked! Again We were happy to get back to Cedar Key and change into dry clothes.  Thankful and safe. 

As I was reading the verses in Matthew, I was amazed that Jesus was sleeping!  For my husband and me, who could sleep?  Afraid, yes, especially when the Canopy started to come off!  So we can pray.  In moments like this, a one word prayer, Help, is good!  We were happy that the Boat Captain turned back even though it meant waiting out the storm 

And yes, Jesus commands the wind and water and they obey Him.  We can obey Him. 

He is an Amazing God!

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