Bible Translations

I’ve updated this post to include three more Bible Translations:  NET, ESV and LEB.  For these translations, you can quote verses as long as it’s not for profit making.  Other, more usual restrictions include limiting the amount of quoting, and to attribute any quotes to their translation by adding, for example (NET) at the end of your quote from that translation.  It’s good practice to always include the Bible Translation, even for the venerable King James Version (KJV).

Due to copyright laws, only Public Domain Bible translations are used on The Rose Garden.  Our personal preference is for Easy Reading Version (ERV) which is what we think is best for a Deaf Ministry.  The ERV translation makes every effort to not use archaic, or big words, preferring normal, everyday English.  Unfortunately it is copyrighted.  However, as recently discovered, there are three more translations which we can use as long as we’re not making money and we also attribute any quotes to the translation.

So, you will see translations from only Public Domain Bibles:  ASV, DARBY, KJV, and WEB, or from those with restrictions:  NET, ESV and LEB.  That should be enough to work with, and God has blessed us with so many translations!  With more research we may find more.

Thank you for your understanding if your favorite translation is not being used.

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