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October 6, 2017

My wife and I just returned from vacation at WDW. It was fun, but not so much for blogging. For the first time ever I tried blogging, while on vacation, using either my iPhone or iPad. Somehow my “Coffee Anyone?” post got deleted or out of sync on the server. My computer’s copy unfortunately was updated by my other devices so I lost some of the “last minute” additions to the original post. Since I can’t remember what I added, the shorter, unposted version, is now posted. Better to keep some of it than to not re-post any of it. My apologies for any inconvenience from this redundant posting. However, it appears to be only an update and not as a brand new post. Maybe I need more patience and coffee? 😎

Romans 5:3 “And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;” (KJV)



September 15, 2017

Please pardon the dust around here.  I’ve been busy with cleaning up the blog and changing to another “blog theme” to use.  Twenty Twelve, which I like, is a WordPress blog theme created, most likely, in 2012. 😊  Continue reading


My wife and I live in an hurricane prone state.  We live inland so most of the time we only get glancing blows.  Harvey was devastating for Houston.  While they recover with help from government and charities, Irma hits Florida.  The challenge with predictions is they keep changing. First predictions were for Irma to hit Miami and the East Coast. Then predictions shifted towards the Gulf Coast.  Then Irma “wobbled” and moved back inland. Continue reading

What’s New

Well, we took up the challenge to migrate from free to paid status.  Paying for blog site hosting we get more features.  Our new url is now “”.  Hope you like our changes as we make them.  God will guide us and we would appreciate prayers for a “smooth sailing” process.  Thanks!

Bible Translations

I’ve updated this post to include three more Bible Translations:  NET, ESV and LEB.  For these translations, you can quote verses as long as it’s not for profit making.  Other, more usual restrictions include limiting the amount of quoting, and to attribute any quotes to their translation by adding, for example (NET) at the end of your quote from that translation.  It’s good practice to always include the Bible Translation, even for the venerable King James Version (KJV). Continue reading