September 15, 2017

Please pardon the dust around here.  I’ve been busy with cleaning up the blog and changing to another “blog theme” to use.  Twenty Twelve, which I like, is a WordPress blog theme created, most likely, in 2012. 😊 

As posts and pages were being added to The Rose Garden Blog, the “sidebar” with all the useful “widgets” was being pushed to the bottom. Users had to scroll down before seeing the sidebar and its widgets. Widgets like Search engine, listings of categories and tags and the like. I found that with the Twenty Twelve theme, that even a smart phone (at least my iPhone 6+) could view the sidebar alongside the top of the list of posts provided you hold the phone horizontal. However it does it, it works.  This blog is now running on the Twenty Twelve theme. Thank you, WordPress!

Technology can be fun, but also is a lot of work.

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