Everything You Type

I can remember having a manual typewriter like the one pictured here below. It was great to have a portable model. I took it to college and typed many term papers using this old technology. It had a stiff “keyboard” and my fingers would ache after a short while from “punching” the keys down TypeAllYouDoso it would strike the ribbon and paper hard enough to leave an inked impression on the paper. If I made a mistake, I had to correct it very carefully. You either had a bottle of white, correction fluid, or a ribbon with one half inked and the other half with correction powder. By shifting a special key, you could type a “correction” on top of the erroneous letter followed by retyping in the same spot with the correct letter. Or, you could dab some correction fluid on the offending letter, let it dry and then type the correct letter over it. Either way it was messy, not always perfect and slow.

Today’s internet based technology uses computer keyboards with fast and easy software correction features. Using WordPress’ own editor I started typing, making many mistakes, then backspacing or highlighting errors for quick replacing. I then added a public domain typewriter picture which I enhanced by adding Colossians 3:17 to the “paper”. This new image was slapdashed together using Apple Pages and Preview before exporting as a jpg file which I then imported into my WordPress blog.

Proverbs 18:21 The tongue can speak words that bring life or death. Those who love to talk must be ready to accept what it brings.” (ERV)

In the Bible, the tongue is the source for everything we say. What we say has the power for good (life) or bad (death). Blogging is amazing technology, but we are still called by God to “type” for Jesus. By this I mean that we honor and glorify Jesus with all that we type and do in blogging no matter the topic. Everything I type should either honor or glorify Jesus. This leaves out bad language. Instead we use gentle speech. This removes worldly concepts which can be faulty. Instead we hold onto Godly concepts such as doing the right thing and doing good, and it means having no hatred, but wanting peace.

Everything I type in the blog therefore should be good and acceptable. Full of love and understanding. I need to be kind, patient and gentle in whatever I type and put into my blog. The blog doesn’t have to be entirely about “religious” topics. It can and will cover other topics from technology, to challenges facing Deaf community, as well as some personal stories and experiences.

I am, above all, thankful to God for the technology that allows me to easily type something and have the potential of it being read by millions around the globe. For someone who has a challenge with communicating by speech, being able to easily write and reach many is a Godsend. At the same time, as a blogger who professes faith in Jesus, I am to be held to a higher level of conduct. Much like a preacher in a church, or a teacher in Sunday school, whatever I say in public, or everything I type in a blog, matters to God.

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